Terminal blocks, connectors for PCB assembly.

FUJICON, Japanese manufacturer R&D team newly innovated and lunched top screw type terminal block for printed circuit board. It not only facilitates power and signal but also reduce no of assembly while saving time and energy.

Most of Japanese and overseas Top level PCB manufacturers are adopted our technology these days. Further information kindly click below link.



Product information

Strong Point

FUJICON has the following three strengths.

(1) We are front line at Research & Development progress.

Development of first & advanced  terminal block (terminal board) for PCB industry.
Development of first instant terminal board with dual wiring solution.

(2) Diversified products range & Customized support.

More than  16,398 items including standard & Custom made.

Selection for material of screws and conductive plates & full custom support.
Full custom design offer for client requests.

(3) Swift & Promised response.

Delivery time, small lot, sample.
100% Quality assurance.